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book cover "Vertrauen nach Fehlgeburt" ("Back to confidence after a miscarriage")
book cover "Vertrauen nach Fehlgeburt" ("Back to confidence after a miscarriage")

Back to confidence after a miscarriage (Second Edition 2022)

Going self-determined and powerful through a challenging time

From Rosa Koppelmann


The empowering guide for the time during and after a miscarriage


A miscarriage - the death of an unborn baby - often hits women unexpectedly. There it is, this dream; suddenly burst. It is not uncommon for women and their families to be left alone with their own grief, powerlessness and pain.

This book shows you how you can independently go your own way in a challenging time, take important decisions and promote your inner healing. The author Rosa Koppelmann gives a sensitive insight into her own story, which is shaped by four pregnancies - including two miscarriages. The book also contains numerous testimonials from affected women, interviews and a large chapter about helpful tools that support you to remain in trust and your feminine strength during and after a miscarriage.

Because even with a miscarriage you are and will remain: a wonderful and worthy woman!

314 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 13,5 cm, price: 27 Euro

book cover "Empowered You" from Katharina Heilen
book cover "Empowered You" from Katharina Heilen

Empowered You
Change through strength, courage and community
from Katharina Heilen


Katharina Heilen - a well-booked speaker, podcast- and community-host -  shows in her Female Empowerment Guide "Empowered You", how one can positively change herself and her environment through inner strength, courage and solidarity. Besides the personal experience of the author, a lot of inspiring stories of other women are being told. And the book includes some practical exercises like coaching questions to gain more clarity about one's vision as well. For a better world full of strong men and women!


With a foreword of Tijen Onaran, founder of Global Digital Women.


230 pages, hardcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 23 euros

book cover "Thinking about work" from Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gless
book cover "Thinking about work" from Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gless

Thinking about work
Establishing self reflexion and mindfulness within your company
From Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gleß


The year 2020 was intensive in many ways. Some companies have lost their livelihood through the pandemic. Others were forced to find new structures as well as redefine their true identity, their values. Others managed to take some positive aspects out of this new situation. What unites them all, is the search for what makes them unique and stable. They are all looking for their core, that makes them strong. And to define this core one has to know it's values and abilities and to be able to use them as resources.

This book helps you to find these resources - through self reflexion. It contains ten interviews with entrepreneurs in the area of Berlin, Leipzig and Halle and out of very different approaches - starting from the medical field in a hospital, following coaching and consulting agencies and even so called "traditional startups". Through the eyes of the entrepreneurs we find out what it is like to live self reflexion and mindfulness on a daily basis in a company.


178 pages, softcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 23 euros

book cover "Until one cries" from Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanczak
book cover "Until one cries" from Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanczak

Until one* cries

Honest interviews with mothers about equality, care-work and role models

from Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanzcak


This is not your typical happy-pink-mother book. This book is e real manifesto. A manifesto for honest mother*hood and for the diversity amongst mothers* and families. A manifesto for the love amongst parents and their kids. And for an honest conversation about what it really means to be a mother* nowadays.


This book shows 17 different mothers going their own way and showing their daily life to us, inspiring us and not hiding their honest, daily struggle. No matter if muslima, queer, mom of colour, main earner, DJane, midwife or stay-at-home-mother - they all have to tell us something important and we want to hear them all!


With two forewords from Aileen Puhlmann and Kasia Mol-Wolf


160 pages, softcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 18 euros

It is all in you

How to find your answers to life's questions

from Doreen Kascha


A solo trip to Thailand brings clarity about her marriage and her true path. She quits her manager's job and dares to take the step into freedom, without reserves, without a Plan B. But with a lot of emotion, intuition, and a big heart. What always accompanies her: the big and small questions of life, sometimes critical, sometimes constructive. These questions guide her, the answers come directly from her heart. Questions like: "What if I am not enough?", "What will others say?", "What is the meaning of my life?" or "Am I even ready for this?" The answers to these questions carry weight (alt.: are essential) and everyone has to find them for themselves - but not alone: author Doreen Kascha offers help in finding one's own answers to life's challenging questions with her humorous and honest manner and through her personal story. For all readers who want to discover their inner questions and follow their answers.

A moving and at the same time entertaining book that addresses the big questions of life and comes up with numerous anecdotes, coaching questions, and appropriate meditations.


With a foreword from Susan Sideropoulos


250 pages, hardcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 25 euros