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We talk about death, parting and what remains
by Laura Letschert and Julia Felicitas Allmann

The certainty that our life is not infinite can cause fear or let us feel that our time is precious for that reason. In this book, individuals share their diverse farewell stories openly and honestly through personal interviews. They invite us to encounter death in a loving way and without any stigmas. These conversations are simultaneously life stories that offer solace and strength and make us realise that our existence is beautiful in all facets. 

While reading this book you will be touched and feel empathy. You will pause for a moment, discover new things and question them. But you will also laugh, be thankful and get to know yourself better. This inspired the authors to share their own thoughts with you between the interviews: small impulses that remind you again and again and reaffirm anew to live this one life right now.
With a preface by Alexa von Heyden

300 pages, softcover, price: 29 Euro

Herbarium of Feelings
An accompanying handbook for mentally strained mothers

by Anna Aptus


Mothers are often expected to be completely absorbed in their role and a “perfect mom”. However, the fact that motherhood can be very draining and even lead to mental illness is still stigmatised and rarely discussed. The author, Anna Aptus, wants to counteract that by sharing her personal and mixed impressions as a mother. She invites readers to approach their own psychological stress honestly and critically. With “Herbarium of Feelings” she offers empathetic and direct support to mothers and caregivers on the question “ Is that normal or do I need therapy?” by listing common symptoms of psychological stress and suggesting self-assessment. 

A special highlight of the book: The symptoms of mental illnesses are illustrated as plants in the form of a herbarium, lovingly created by illustrator Rebecca Carmen.

The prefaces to the book were written by the association Schatten & Licht e.V. and the psychological psychotherapist Alina Steinberg.

100 pages, softcover, price: 16 Euro

Just as Good!
New Impulses about being a woman, societal expectations and your own timing at 30

by Jennifer Klinge


“A homestead, a wedding, a successful career, children - and all in your thirties, please!”. This is the heteronormative template for the good life. Especially if women diverge from this path, they are bombarded with stories about trains leaving the station, ticking clocks and missed opportunities. In short: They are being told to hurry up on all levels.

Jennifer Klinge has experienced first-hand how these expectations can pressure you and your mental health. In “Just as Good!” Jennifer Klinge talks about her journey full of hurdles and successful strategies, to free herself from expectations with interesting facts about constructed images of womanhood in patriarchy and interviews with women who lead exciting lives far from the blueprint and are fabulously inspiring.

A fully honest and personal book showing that setting your own milestones and following your own timing can be just as good!
With a preface by Henrike Redecker

250 pages, softcover, price: 20 Euro

When light conquers darkness
Living with bipolar disorder, positively shaping family and relationships

by Nora Hille


A mental illness does not mean the end of the world, on the contrary: if diagnosed and treated, it can lead to the beginning of a new life. 

After the traumatic birth of a long-desired child, a young mother finds herself in a state of mental emergency, is unable to sleep at night and is overwhelmed with the task of caring for the baby. She has to go to a psychiatric clinic. The diagnosis: bipolar disorder. Will there ever be a normal, happy family life for her, her husband and their little son? 

In many touching, relentlessly open and encouraging episodes, the author describes her journey to become a more confident woman, who fearlessly confronts old traumas, liberates herself, and grows more and more into the role of a mother. The focus is not only on the person affected but also on the situation of the entire family and the family of origin.

Verified facts about bipolar disorder complement the book, as well as tried and tested strategies for dealing with the illness and positive impulses of the people affected.

An encouraging book about how to live a good and rich life despite bipolar disorder - and the enormous challenge it poses to the inner balance of those affected on a daily basis.

With a preface by Tina Meffert and an epilogue by Hubert Schöttes

300 pages, softcover, price: 20 Euro

book cover "Vertrauen nach Fehlgeburt" ("Back to confidence after a miscarriage")
book cover "Vertrauen nach Fehlgeburt" ("Back to confidence after a miscarriage")

Back to confidence after a miscarriage (Second Edition 2022)

Self-determined and powerful through a challenging time

by Rosa Koppelmann


The empowering guide for the time during and after a miscarriage


A miscarriage - the death of an unborn baby - often hits women unexpectedly. There it is, this dream; suddenly burst. It is not uncommon for women and their families to be left alone with their own grief, powerlessness and pain.

This book shows you how you can independently go your own way in a challenging time, take important decisions and promote your inner healing. The author Rosa Koppelmann gives a sensitive insight into her own story, which is shaped by four pregnancies - including two miscarriages. The book also contains numerous testimonials from affected women, interviews and a large chapter about helpful tools that support you to remain confident and in your female strength during and after a miscarriage.

Because even with a miscarriage you are and will remain: a wonderful and worthy woman!

314 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 13,5 cm, price: 27 Euro

book cover "Empowered You" from Katharina Heilen
book cover "Empowered You" from Katharina Heilen

Empowered You
Change through strength, courage and community
by Katharina Heilen


Well-booked speaker, podcast and community host, and coach for female empowerment Katharina Heilen presents in her guide “Empowered You” how you can improve your life and inspire other women to do the same through courage, strength and community.

Next to personal stories from Katharina, the book contains various examples by other inspiring women and practical exercises to afford more clarity about one’s own journey.

For a better and equal world full of strong women and men!


With a preface by Tijen Onaran, founder of Global Digital Women.


230 pages, hardcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 23 euros

book cover "Thinking about work" from Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gless
book cover "Thinking about work" from Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gless

Thinking about work
Establishing self-reflection and mindfulness within your company
by Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gleß


The year 2020 was intensive in many ways. Some companies have lost their livelihood through the pandemic. Others were forced to find new structures as well as redefine their true identity and their values. Others managed to take some positive aspects out of this new situation. What unites them all, is the search for what makes them unique and stable in a crisis. They are all looking for their core, which makes them strong. To define this core one has to know its values and abilities and to be able to use them as resources.

This book helps you to find these resources - through self-reflection. It contains ten interviews with entrepreneurs from various divisions and forms of businesses in the area of Berlin, Leipzig and Halle - starting from the medical field in a hospital, following coaching and consulting agencies and even so called "traditional startups". Through the eyes of the entrepreneurs we find out what it is like to live self-reflection and mindfulness on a daily basis in a company.


178 pages, softcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 23 euros

book cover "Until one cries" from Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanczak
book cover "Until one cries" from Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanczak

Until one* cries

Honest interviews with mothers about equality, care-work and role models

by Nicole Noller and Natalie Stanzcak


This is not your typical happy-pink-mother book. This book is e real manifesto. A manifesto for honest mother*hood and for the diversity amongst mothers* and families. A manifesto for the love amongst parents and their kids. And an honest conversation about what it really means to be a mother* nowadays.


This book shows 17 different mothers going their own way and showing their daily life to us, inspiring us and not hiding their honest, daily struggle. No matter if muslima, queer, mom of colour, main earner, DJane, midwife or stay-at-home-mother - they all have to tell us something important and we want to hear them all!


With two prefaces by Aileen Puhlmann and Kasia Mol-Wolf


160 pages, softcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 18 euros

It is all in you

How to find your answers to life's questions

by Doreen Kascha


A solo trip to Thailand brings clarity about her marriage and her true path. She quits her job as a manager and dares to take the step into freedom, without reserves, without a Plan B. But with a lot of emotion, intuition, and a big heart. What always accompanies her: the big and small questions of life, sometimes critical, sometimes constructive. These questions guide her, the answers come directly from her heart. Questions like: "What if I am not enough?", "What will others say?", "What is the meaning of my life?" or "Am I even ready for this?" The answers to these questions carry weight (alt.: are essential) and everyone has to find them for themselves - but not alone: author Doreen Kascha offers help in finding one's own answers to life's challenging questions with her humorous and honest manner and through her personal story. For all readers who want to discover their inner questions and follow their answers.

A moving and at the same time entertaining book that addresses the big questions of life and comes up with numerous anecdotes, coaching questions, and appropriate meditations.


With a preface by Susan Sideropoulos


250 pages, hardcover, 17 x 22 cm, price: 25 euros

Blooming Mom

A guide to a nurturing and self-determined pregnancy

by Misava Macamo


Pregnancy might be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Everything changes and there is so much to discover as a soon-to-be-mother. Along with that comes a multitude of suggestions for a seemingly perfect and healthy pregnancy. The question of a healthy diet during pregnancy, especially, is important to many mothers.

This book is not just about the one perfect guide but about you. Whether you are vegan, incorporate plant-based meals in your diet, or are just interested in this form of nutrition, this book shows you what you can do for yourself and your baby over the next nine months and after to glow and be healthy.

This book offers answers and reassurance, guiding you with caring words, helpful tools, and numerous tips and ideas for nurturing practices during pregnancy. You will also gain an insight into strengthening rituals and celebrations, and learn more about meditation, aroma oils, and hypnobirthing. Additionally, it offers initial guidance on the subjects of postpartum and breastfeeding.

For a nurturing pregnancy for you and your baby - relaxed, healthy and full of enjoyment. 


With a preface by Rosa Koppelmann


200 pages, softcover, price: 18 euros

Oh crap, I’m happy

How you can live your dreams despite a crisis

by Jessica Goschala


How do we manage to keep going for our dreams in times of corona, wars, rising prices, personal crises and fear of the future without burying our heads in the sand? How do we manage to be happy while fear of the future and self-doubt nag at us? And why (bloody hell) do some people always have the sun shining out of their arse despite all the problems in the world? 

This book is a love declaration to our big dreams in (un)secure times. This is a compact and simple guide for all those who, despite everyday or worldly crises, are unwilling to bury their dreams. Jessica Goschala shows us how we can use practical exercises and tools from positive psychology to dissolve our fears in a wonderfully unconventional and cheeky way,  realise our wildest dreams step by step and take our happiness into our own hands. Because the best time is always now.

A love declaration to our big dreams in times of crisis, fear and overwhelm. A guide on how to go for your dreams fearlessly and confidently at all times - because you can be happy even in a crisis.

200 pages, softcover, price: 18 euros